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At Home Closing Gifts we manufacture products that will make your clients remember you for years to come, gifts that show you care, gifts that are warmly personalized and will bring quality into your client's life.

At our core, we are a boutique textile mill that weaves blankets, wall tapestries and fabric for clients worldwide. We make blankets for the White House, tapestries for art galleries in LA, NY, London, Paris and Milan, college stadium blankets for over four hundred and fifty college bookstores, and gift blankets and pillows for thousands of gift stores.

We have been working with Realtors for almost twenty years. We started with the simple act of embroidering blankets with a family's name on our classic heart and house blanket. As times changed, we grew with the industry, now providing full color tapestry woven blankets with a photo of your clients on the face on the blanket. We added pillows and wall hangings and we have also added a complete printing operation to expand our offerings.

We make everything ourselves, controlling quality at each stage of production. When you order from us, you will receive detailed tracking information as the product moves through our mill. We cannot sell you products in advance, because each product is a work of art.

When you give a gift to a client, it must be personal to them; otherwise it will end up hidden away in a box. It must be a quality item that is useful, or they won’t see it every day. It has to last for years or the gift will not remind your clients of all that you did for them. And lastly, it needs to have your contact information hidden in plain sight, so that when the day comes for them to recommend you or use you to sell their home, they can find you easily.

It is a sad fact that 83% of clients cannot recall their agents name two years after closing. We have been helping Real Estate Professionals stay in front of their clients for twenty years and we will be here for twenty more.

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This blanket was a complete hit with my clients. To say they were overwhelmed is an understatement. Everyone in the family loved it, especially the children. I don’t think they have ever seen themselves so large in a photo, but they were really really excited. I have a great relationship with these guys and it is only getting better. Thank you HCG

February 16, 2017

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One New York artist in particular (glitch textiles) produced a video of our mill for his customers and link to glitch textiles


For every item you order with us we will include, as an additional gift from you a 55% OFF coupon for Fine Art Tapestries, that can be used by your clients to decorate their new home.
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